BOCA CHITA: Prepare. Escape. Survive.


Bug-out: Your Vessel & Destination

Find practical information on preparing to bug-out by boat and living aboard while anchored off a tropical or semi-tropical island. Bugging out by boat is not just an event, it's a process. Preparation is the key.


Boat Bug-Out: If you already have a suitable boat, find out how to turn it into a survival platform. If you need a boat, learn how to locate, qualify and fit-out the vessel with the equipment necessary to move aboard and then depart on short notice to your island bug-out location. Once you own the boat and move aboard, you'll discover it's much cheaper than living ashore. Over time, your boat will become increasingly stocked and prepared, ready to depart in just minutes. I'd also like to hear from you about your own experiences. Please visit and leave comments:

Island Survival: Bugging out to an uninhabited tropical or semi-tropical island isn't for everyone, but if you enjoy privacy, warm weather, the sun, and a laid-back lifestyle this option might very well suit you. We concentrate on Florida islands including the Florida Keys, the Calusa Coast and the Everglades. 

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