BOCA CHITA: Prepare. Escape. Survive.
Fight or Flight?   Would you prefer to hunker down with your family until you have to shoot it out? Or sit under the shade of a palm tree with a fishing pole on your own deserted beach? Boca Chita shows how you can bug-out to paradise. There are more than 1700 islands in the Florida Keys, 10,000 islands off the southwest coast of Florida and 700 islands in the Bahamas, of which only 30 are inhabited. Why hide out in an underground bunker, while the snow flies, when you can bask in the sunshine and swim in crystal clear water, which will provide you with all the food you’ll ever need? Boca Chita shows you how to homestead your own safe, private island.

Fact or Fantasy?  An entertaining work of fiction, Boca Chita was written by an author who already lives the survivalist lifestyle as he cruises the Florida coasts and the Keys on his live-aboard trawler. Highly autobiographical, the book explains the preparations the author made to Prepare. Escape. Survive.

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Read what others have said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed Boca Chita...Truly unique style…. It is a frightening and compelling read told in a unique "snapshot" manner with a multitude of sardonic and witty asides, social commentary, and historical notes…the reader is treated to just the right combination of fast-paced storytelling and the essential minutiae that all preppers and survivalists must focus on. This new addition to both the island and survival genres is sure to please the casual reader and hardcore survivalist alike.” -- Michael Edwards, The 10 Best Survival Books (Fiction)  at Activist Post

“For many, myself included, the thought of a global pandemic goes to the top of the list when it comes to TEOTWAWKI scenarios…I can tell you, it is a good read and thought provoking. Lance [has] put together a compelling story of bugging out and self-sufficiency. A retired baby boomer… decides to bug-out in his survival-prepared, live-aboard trawler to Boca Chita Key, an uninhabited island seventeen miles from Miami, where he uses his wits, resilience and mechanical know-how to homestead as a self-sufficient hermit. Wow, now if that does not head you under the covers with a flashlight to read with, nothing will!" --Gaye Levy, The Survival Woman  at Backdoor Survival

“The book is all about the Keys area of Florida. Don't expect to read what's happening or has happened in Denver or Tokyo. There is very little human interaction, very little of the usual gun-battle-type action, and a miniscule amount of dialogue.... The author spins a great story about surviving in style on an island. I am a huge fan of reading authors who go into detail and who know what they are writing about. Mr. Long does this, in spades. … For the main part… he's right on the money. I grew up as a big fan of works like Robinson Crusoe, and the 40% of this book I'm talking about reminds me of that great novel....” --“Degas,”  Amazon Verified Purchaser

“Finally an answer to 'If you could bring one book to a deserted island, which book would you choose?' Boca Chita is that book, provided you want to survive on that desert island.... Boca Chita is an informative and satisfying read, even though it is fashioned from a frighteningly real scenario. For readers familiar with the Florida Keys and its environs, Boca Chita is especially enjoyable for its spot-on cultural observations and detailed historical references.”  --“Don Ho,”  Amazon Verified Purchaser
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