BOCA CHITA: Prepare. Escape. Survive.

 What will you do when the lights go out and social order collapses?

How about bugging-out to a safe location in your survival-prepared boat stocked with food, a generator, and a water-maker? You’ll need the skills to harvest the gifts of the sea, nurture a kitchen garden and repair anything mechanical. You’d have to learn how to harvest fuel from underground tanks, break and enter buildings, hot-wire cars and boats, and defend your homestead with basic weapons, borrowed military equipment and some creative chemistry. The novel Boca Chita follows one prepared, self-reliant and resilient man as he survives catastrophe in comfort.

Boca Chita showcases not just the equipment and supplies needed to survive, but the know-how required to keep a survival platform operating. The first novel in the NOEL trilogy, Boca Chita celebrates the wisdom of distancing yourself and your loved ones from a society in turmoil by selecting and escaping to your own secluded Eden.

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